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Warehouse & Distribution Introduction

Warehouses are not just storage centres for products, they are where they are inspected, organised, labelled, packed and packaged ready for delivery. Warehouse logistical processes can be complex and time consuming, which is why applicable warehouse accessories are needed – they make these processes simpler and more efficient, saving your business time and money, while also allowing the products handled to be delivered to the end user in a suitable fashion and condition. The correct warehouse accessories do not just save time and benefit product handling – they can also benefit the health and safety of warehouse staff and improve morale by making tasks easier.

Packaging benefits the product and the handler by protecting the product and making it easier to manoeuvre in the warehouse by holding it together with other products or on its own. Packaging can also provide an additional level of security – using shrink wrapping means that if the package is tampered with then it is known. The right type of packaging should be chosen and you should make sure to use only what is necessary – many consumers will see an excessive amount of packaging as wasteful and harmful to the environment. If a lot of packaging is used annually you may also have a legal obligation (under The Producer Responsibility Obligations) to ensure that some of it is recycled.

For logistics, warehouse sign and marking systems are the foundation of any successful and efficient operations within a facility, allowing quick identification of goods, and the easy prevention and correction of mistakes. A good labelling system will help to keep track of product information, status, stock levels and ordering – providing an efficient and effective logistical operation within your warehouse.

The warehouse accessories you choose will depend upon the operations taking place within your facility, the products being handled and the equipment already being used. There is an extensive range to choose from, and many could help you to improve the efficiency of your warehouse and the health, safety and morale of your staff.