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Your Guide to Packaging Products

Having the right warehouse accessories for the right application is important.  There are a bewildering number of packaging aids, so it helps to know the uses and benefits of each.

Protective Packaging

Stock cartons

  • Come in variety of shapes and sizes. Economical, recyclable and versatile.

Void Fill

  • Often made of recycled cardboard or paper (can be made using machine). A cost-effective method of keeping products still in transit

Bubble Wrap/Film

  • Lightweight, soft and strong cushioned protection for fragile items

Corrugated Paper

  • Tough, biodegradable and recyclable option that is low cost



  • Quick and easy to use product that is low-cost and comes in a range of strengths/thicknesses


  • Provides quality wrapping for a professional appearance. Can be water and tamper proof, making it ideal for packaging perishable foodstuffs



  • Woven or extruded for extra strength. Can be a cost-effective and durable alternative to steel strapping.


  • Ideal for routine cartons and pallets. Flexible, lightweight and very cost-effective.


  • The toughest strapping for the most demanding of industrial jobs. Can be used for heavy machinery, wooden cases and palletised loads