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Complete Guide to PVC Strip Curtains

PVC strip curtains are used for a wide range of purposes in industrial workplace environments. As it is an air and water tight material, PVC offers excellent thermal insulation properties.

It also works well as a sound absorber and noise insulator, protecting workers from excessive noise levels which could result in tiredness and misunderstandings in communication.

Our PVC strip curtains contain UV stabilisers which inhibit polymer degradation, ensuring that transparency and performance are not degraded over time. The PVC is low toxic and Cadmium free. The strip curtains are also silicone free, REACH compliant and are resistant to a wide range of chemicals and abrasion.

With a working temperature range of -15°C to +50°C or -40°C to +50°C for Polar strip curtains, PVC strip curtains can be used in a wide variety of environments.

These features make PVC strip curtains ideal for use as internal and external thermal partitions and as a barrier against fumes, dust, insects and birds.

If you are not sure which type of PVC strip curtain is right for your business, our guide below will walk you through the different options.

Material Types

You can choose from five material types, depending on environment and the required purpose of the PVC strip curtain.

  • Clear: Clear PVC strip curtains offer extremely good clarity, consistency of colour tint and dimensional tolerances.
  • Polar: Polar PVC strip curtains are ideal for low temperatures due to their special qualities. They are suitable for walk-in freezers, refrigerated vehicles and similar applications.
  • Buffer: Buffer PVC strip curtains are suitable for the most demanding impact conditions, increasing the life of the screen further.
  • Welding: Welding PVC strip curtains are a specialist version which was developed for use as welding curtains. They meet the specification EN1598.
  • Marker: Marker strips are red and can be used to highlight the door frame for increased safety awareness.

Door Requirements

For internal doors and screens with pedestrian traffic, the recommended strip width and thickness is 200mm x 2mm with minimum or maximum overlap. If the traffic includes forklifts, the recommended width and thickness is 300mm x 2mm or 30mm x 3mm with a medium or maximum overlap.

For external doors and cold stores, we recommend a strip width and thickness of 300mm x 3mm or 400mm x 4mm with medium or maximum overlap. A heavier overlap prevents wind movement. If external doors are subject to strong wind, we recommend 400mm x 4mm with a maximum overlap.

Larger doors over 2.7m high require a minimum or maximum overlap and we recommend a strip width and thickness of 300mm x 3mm or 400mm x 4mm.

PVC strip curtains are not recommended for car traffic.

Strip Width, Thickness and Overlap Options

PVC strips are available in a number of different widths and thicknesses. Kits are available with a range of overlap options. Please consult the table below to see which options are available:

PVC Strip Curtain Comparison Table

Fixing Methods

You can choose from two different fixing methods. Which configuration is best for your individual circumstances depends on the space available around the door frame and the type of door frame.

The Soffit fixing is mounted inside the door frame, whilst the face fixing is mounted to the wall above the doorway.

Soffit Fixing Concept Image Face Fixing Concept Image

Ways to Order

You can order PVC strip curtains in three different ways:

  • Order a complete curtain kit. This is a made-to-measure PVC strip curtain with all the required accessories. We recommend ordering custom curtain kits by requesting a custom quote.
  • Order a full 50m roll of standard, polar, buffer, welding or marker strip. You can buy these directly on CSI Products here.
  • Order individual strips with fitted hangers. These are made-to-measure PVC strips with hangers pre-attached. You can order these in full metre lengths on CSI Products here. If you need a custom length, please get in touch with us on 08082397985.

Get in Touch

If you have any questions about PVC strip curtains or would like additional information, please get in touch on 08082397985 or [email protected] to talk to our friendly product specialists.