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Rack Up Your Storage Capabilities

Racking provides storage for larger and heavier materials or the bulk storage of a large number of smaller palletised items.  As with shelving, the type and system you require will depend on the items themselves, the amount to be stored and how they are to be accessed.  There are a wide range of systems to choose from to match your requirements in terms of storage and load capacity, material dimensions, operational logistics and available space.

Pallet racking systems store materials kept on wooden or plastic pallets (Euro, Chep, Universal or custom) in a series of bays made up of uprights and beams.  Pallets are usually loaded to and picked from the racking by forklift truck (the type of forklift truck will depend on the racking system used).  There are a variety of pallet racking systems available and the suitability of each depends on the system matching the materials being stored as well as the logistical processes surrounding their storage.

Cantilever racking is used for the horizontal storage of longer materials such as metal tubing and piping as it does not have front uprights in the way of the placing or picking of materials.  Materials are stored by resting them on arms that protrude from the back (or middle if double-sided) of the system.  Cantilever racking is available as heavy or light-duty depending on the weight of materials to be stored.

Vertical racking is used for storing lighter long-length items that rest against the protruding arms or back wall while standing upright from the ground.  A forklift truck is not required and the operations are conducted manually.