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Workplace Matting and Flooring

While often overlooked and stepped over, thinking with your feet and choosing the right matting and flooring can hugely benefit your business by improving safety, protecting your facility and increasing productivity.

Slips and trips are the cause of many accidents at work – they are the second most common work related accident according to information released by the HSE last year.  Having the appropriate material on the ground as regards the environment (slip resistant matting in wet and potential spillage areas or cable protectors to cover loose wiring) can help to prevent these accidents occurring and help you comply with the relevant health and safety legislation.

The correct matting and flooring in the right place can benefit workplace productivity and atmosphere.  Anti-fatigue matting can prevent foot, back and muscle pain in your workforce if they spend a lot of time on their feet.  Some types can have noise reduction properties to provide a better working atmosphere if heavy materials or machinery are being moved or used.  Specifically designed electrical safety and laboratory matting can protect your workers and the public from potential dangers in workplace processes and environments.

The state of the ground greatly contributes to the overall look of your facility so having suitable matting and flooring is key to presenting the right look for your business.  Well placed entrance matting can help keep your workplace clean and tidy, allowing you to present a more attractive and professional look to prospective clients.

Your Guide to Choosing the Right Matting

The type of matting you choose will depend primarily on the immediate environment it is being used in and the frequency of use by particular persons.

Entrance matting

  • Variety of different types to help ensure a clean and tidy facility. Can be easy-clean, dirt and moisture trapping, as well as slip resistant or anti-microbial.

Anti-fatigue matting

  • Provides comfort and increased productivity for staff when working, even for long hours. Reduces long-term back-pain and foot problems and can also afford protection from heat, cold and vibration.  Variety of different types; from wet area drainage or durable welding matting to heavy wearing and high visibility warehouse matting and easy-clean and anti-bacterial matting.

Electrical safety matting

  • Allows safe and secure work with electrical equipment, while also often being anti-fatigue for comfort.