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The Trend Towards Sit Stand Desks

The Trend Towards Sit Stand Desks - And Why You Should be Using an Orthomat Office Standing Desk Mat

In Scandinavia, sit stand desks are commonplace. Over 90% of office workers using computers in Norway, Sweden, Finland and Denmark work at sit stand desks. In fact, in Denmark, employers legally have to offer their employees the opportunity to use a sit stand desk.

Worldwide, the ill effects of prolonged sitting are steadily gaining recognition, with many smart watches and fitness trackers now including built-in reminders to stand up and move every hour.

In the UK, height-adjustable desks are now embraced in more and more companies as being beneficial for wellbeing and productivity. According to Public Health England, office workers should spend a minimum of two hours, up to a total of four hours on their feet at work each day to avoid the negative effects of a sedentary lifestyle.

Benefits of Standing at Work

A British study published in 1953 showed that sitting could lead to health problems: London bus drivers were nearly twice as likely to die of heart disease as conductors were. Sitting and physical inactivity in general is one of the top four leading causes of preventable death worldwide, making us more vulnerable to cardiovascular problems and diabetes.

The campaign ‘Get Britain Standing’ was founded to increase awareness of the health risks of sitting for extended periods of time; as well as to encourage moving more and the use of sit-stand desks in office environments.

Standing at work can help decrease many of the health risks associated with sitting; however, it is important to ensure that you are comfortable and safe when standing at work to avoid circulatory problems and musculoskeletal issues or injuries.

Why You Should Be Using a Standing Desk Mat

Orthomat Office Standing Desk Mat - A solution to compliment sit stand desks

Standing for long periods of time can also bear its own set of associated health risks, with blood not being circulated well enough when we stand in one position for an extended period of time. This increases the risk of damaged joints, orthopaedic foot problems, swelling of the legs and venous disorders; health issues often encountered in workers who have to stand all day in their workplace.

A standing desk mat can help alleviate these issues as it is both cushioning and supportive at the same time. It works to combat fatigue by encouraging regular foot movement as the feet naturally adjust to the cushioned surface of the mat. This subtle movement makes the muscles in the calves and feet expand and contract, activating the venous pump and improving blood flow from the legs back to the upper body.

The Orthomat Office Mat

Orthomat Office Standing Desk Matting - Perfect for Sit Stand Desks
The Orthomat Office is a standing desk mat that has been carefully designed to provide just the right balance between cushioning and foot support for users of standing desks. The anti-fatigue mat for standing desks is made of high-density foam and is designed to delay the onset of pain and tiredness often experienced when standing on hard floor surfaces.

The standing desk floor mat is small, at just 50cm x 80cm, meaning that you can move it easily and fit it into most office workstations. The Polyurethane construction of the mat makes it durable and resilient to a wide range of footwear.

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Using a Sit-Stand Desk Converter

Sit stand desk converterEquipping your office with sit stand desks can be an expensive project. For offices that are already equipped with standard desks, a desk converter can be an economic alternative. Our sit-stand desk converter can be used on any desk or flat surface: it is simply placed on the desktop and can be adjusted in height to suit sitting or standing configurations.

The converter can be adjusted smoothly from sit to stand in seconds thanks to a pneumatic air cylinder. It can be raised to a maximum height of 620mm above the desktop. The ergonomic two tier design provides space for a monitor on a 813mm (32 inch) shelf and also for a mouse and keyboard on a second, lower shelf. The keyboard shelf edge is chamfered for additional comfort.

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