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Have a Good Day at the Office!

Whether it is large or small, the office is often one of the most important areas of a business – with responsibilities for analysis, planning and administration as well as being the place clients are met and deals are made.  It is essential that businesses employ not only the right people for the job, but also provide the right equipment and furniture for them to work with.  Layout, organisation, ergonomics, security and storage are all essential to making your office a friendly, comfortable and, above all, productive environment.

The layout of your office can be a significant factor in the presentation of your business, the atmosphere you create, and have an influence on organisation.  The right desks, seating and tables will present an attractive and desirable image to prospective clients, while the integrating of desks by department can encourage workers to communicate and help productivity. However, while a more open office often creates a friendly atmosphere, desk partitioning and screens can also often help workers to concentrate on the task at hand and ensure you strike the right balance between office conviviality and work.

To ensure your office does not become cluttered and to promote organisation, shelving units, filing cabinets and cupboards, as well as integrated storage systems for individual workstations assist in keeping on top of the paperwork that offices produce.  Each can be chosen depending on the storage capabilities required – capacity, ergonomics, and security if the documents stored are sensitive or important.

With many staff in one place for a prolonged period of time in offices, comfort is an important factor when choosing desks and chairs as this can heavily influence workplace morale and atmosphere.  There is also specific legislation that applies to office workstations that requires employers to consider the posture of employees and the layout of desks.

There is a huge range of office equipment and furniture, from space saving mobile shelving units and lockable filing cabinets to adjustable chairs and modular desks, so whatever your priority in fitting out your office, you can be sure that you will find exactly what you require to make your office work for you.