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Storage and Containers

Storage boxes and containers are found in every workplace, whether it’s an office, classroom, catering or retail outlet, warehouse, plant, factory or workshop.  Their uses are many and varied, from simple storage to quick transport or organisation of materials.  When choosing containment units you should consider the materials you are storing, organising or transporting and where and how you want them stored, organised or transported.

The weight, dimensions, volume, frequency of use and necessary accessibility of the materials you are storing will all have a bearing on the boxes and containers you require. If a container is to be used frequently or used outside you may require it to be more durable.  Opaque boxes and containers with lids can provide extra security for materials by limiting access and visibility, while transparent or colour coded boxes can aid in identification and organisation of contents.

Storage, a lot of the time, is all about space.  Stackable, foldable or nestable containers can help you to maximise your use of shelf or floor space while being stored easily when not in use.  You should also consider whether the containers will be used with other storage equipment – palletised boxes with forklift trucks or picking boxes with new or existing shelving.

There is a huge range to choose from, with shelf and louvred panel compatible maxi-bins for small items or parts storage, to more specific food grade containers or, for extra security, high performance metal transit cases or containers.

Your Guide to Storage Boxes and Containers

There are a bewildering number of storage boxes and containers so it helps to know of some of the uses for each.

Cardboard containers/boxes

Cost effective and recyclable storage solution. Lightweight for easy lifting and transport


Can come in a variety of different sizes and can often be integrated with a louvred panel or shelf system. Efficiently organise your small items or parts in a workshop or warehouse.  Often come with integrated label holders for easy identification of parts.

Stacker bins

Available in range of sizes for small and larger part storage. Stackable to allow space saving solution.

Pick containers

Can be used with suitable or specifically designed shelving system to create pick area. Sometimes stackable for use without the need for shelving

Large stack containers with lids

Often multi-purpose for range of items. Lids add security and protection for goods stored

Euro containers

Range of sizes for different goods. Conform to European standard dimensions for easy palletisation.  Sometimes foldable for easy storage when not being used.

Container and bar trolleys

Variety of industrial and commercial applications for quick and easy movement of goods or waste.

Food grade containers

Made of polyethylene and ideal for the storing and transporting of ingredients and waste due to easy maintenance and cleaning.

Metal containers and transit cases

Provide secure storage and protection for valuable items. Can be lightweight or heavy-duty in construction.

Pallets and palletised storage

Can be plastic, wooden or metal. Pallet collars, boxes and cages provide extra security for loads.