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Lockers in the Workplace

Lockers can form part of a changing room complex, or be used throughout a facility to provide security and storage for personal effects or work equipment. Providing lockers can often help to reduce petty criminal actions within a facility such as theft or vandalism. They can also help with compliance to relevant health and safety legislation such as The Workplace (Health, Safety and Welfare) Regulations 1992, and the Personal Protective Equipment at Work Regulations, which require suitable storage to be provided for clothing and equipment under certain circumstances.

The type of locker or locker system you require will depend on what you want to keep in it, the environment the locker is to be used in and whether it is for public or private use. Locker systems can often have up to six compartments per unit, with a number of internal configurations like shelves, rails and partitions for the storing of different materials. Custom configurations of compartments and internal storage systems are often available meaning you can tailor the system to your exact requirements and often save on space.

The surroundings and use of the locker will often have a bearing on the material used in its construction. Corrosion resistant plastic or powder coated steel lockers are often ideal for use in wet areas or outdoors when exposed to the elements. Where visibility and ventilation of contents is required, mesh lockers can often be an economical solution. For areas where there is a risk of infection, contamination or bacterial growth, lockers with anti-bacterial coating that reduces these risks are frequently popular. When they are for use by the public, anti-vandalism or reinforced lockers can often be appropriate.

There are also a number of locking systems available for lockers with key, digital and coin operated locks differing in suitability depending on where the locker is being used and who is using it. Coin-operated systems may be more suitable for public access.