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Complete Guide to Charging Lockers

Charging lockers are becoming more and more popular with businesses across a wide range of industries as well as in schools, colleges and universities. They allow staff and visitors to charge high-value equipment including smartphones, tablets, laptops, cameras and expensive tools securely. Equipment can be locked away while charging, meaning it can be left unattended without the worry that it might be stolen or accessed by unauthorised persons.

These properties make charging lockers ideal for:

  • Charging mobile phones, tablets and laptops in receptions and other publicly accessible areas
  • Charging electronic equipment including tablets and laptops in classrooms and staff rooms of schools, colleges and universities
  • Charging mobile phones and tablets in hospitals
  • Charging electronic tools and battery packs on construction sites

We offer a wide range of charging lockers in different sizes which are ideal for various types of equipment. Most lockers are equipped with one plug socket per compartment. Tablet charging lockers are also available with a USB socket in addition to a regular plug socket in each compartment and tool charging lockers are available with one or two plug sockets, ideal for charging a tool and a spare battery pack at the same time. Trolleys are ideal for environments where mobility is important as the lockers can easily be wheeled to a different location; for example in schools where tablets may be shared between different classrooms.

In order to help you pick the right charging lockers for your premises, we have created the following charts which compare the different types of lockers available.

Small Item Charging Lockers

Small Item Charging Locker Comparison Table

Media Charging Lockers

Media Charging Locker Comparison Table

Laptop Charging Lockers

Laptop Charging Locker Comparison Table 1

Laptop Charging Locker Comparison Table 2

Tablet Charging Lockers

Tablet Charging Locker Comparison Table

Tool Charging Lockers

Tool Charging Locker Comparison Table

Disclaimer: Dimensions of internal compartments are approximate.

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