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A Smoke-Free Workplace

Due to the damage it does to people’s health, it is illegal to smoke inside the workplace and any facility that is open to the public.  All businesses should have a no-smoking policy and appropriate signage to make people aware of its implementation.  While employers are under no obligation to provide them, smoking shelters within designated smoking areas can encourage compliance with no-smoking policies by giving smokers a place to smoke that is partially protected from the elements.  Non-smokers can also be given extra protection from passive smoking as there will only be smoking within the designated area.  The placing of smoking bins around these designated areas or outside buildings can also improve the overall look of a facility by discouraging littering.

Tips on Providing Smoking Areas

  • Make sure the smoking area is a suitable distance from the building and entrance so as to prevent people who do not smoke from breathing in any passive smoke
  • Make it accessible without walking too far
  • Provide a shelter that conforms with the relevant legislation to protect those that do smoke from the elements
  • Provide cigarette bins (you may want to make these tamper proof) to discourage littering and prevent accidental fires
  • Provide signs as to where the smoking area is located