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Shelving Guide

Shelving is used in nearly every workplace as a simple and convenient form of storage.  It can be used to store anything from smaller parts like nuts and bolts, to larger bulkier items like box containers or machinery.  The system you require will depend on what you are using it for, what is being stored and how much is being stored.

Versatile, wide ranging, and adaptable, our shelving ranges can be used for nearly any application. From simple to construct budget shelving for store rooms or garages, heavy duty longspan shelving for warehouses, highly adaptable Dexion HI280 shelving for more complex storage, to specialised hygienic shelving for canteens or healthcare environments, we can supply exactly the type of shelving you require.

Key Terms Explained

U.D.L. (Uniformly Distributed Load) – this is given alongside the capacity of a shelf.  A shelf that has a 200kg U.D.L. capacity can hold a 200kg load as long as it is spread relatively evenly across the shelf (i.e. if it is all placed in the middle of the shelf then the shelf may not support the load).

What to Consider When Choosing Shelving

  • How much do you want to store on the shelving? Consider the weight and dimensions of the load or loads you want to store on the shelving.
  • Is it for inside or outside use? A pre-galvanised or corrosion resistant system will last longer in an outside environment.
  • Where are you going to use the system? Do you need it to have a customised look, ventilation capabilities, be easy clean or adaptable?
  • Will you want to add to the system? Extra shelves and bays are available for many of the shelving ranges.
  • Would a specialised system be better? We can provide you with specialised tyre storage or garment hanging systems that may suit your purposes better.

Our Design and Installation Service

If you require a more specialised shelving storage solution, CSI can provide you with a full design and installation service, with competitive pricing, site reviews, stock audits, expert advice on purchase and CAD drawings to help you visualise the final system.  We will make sure that the solution is exactly tailored to your precise storage needs.  Call us now on 08082397985 to speak to one of our experienced sales team.