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Don’t Get Snowed In

Winter in the UK can be a trying time for businesses and homes alike, with many people unable to get to work, employers dealing with extra problems in ensuring the safety of their employees, and premises and homes needing extra maintenance to combat cold, ice and snow.  In the past few years the UK has experienced some severe weather conditions over the winter period with 2010/2011 the coldest on record since 1910 and 2013/2014 one of the stormiest on record.  The winter months can cost the UK economy billions, with businesses often suffering a loss of trade due to staff absenteeism, disruption of supply chains and less consumer spending.  Domestic and workplace accidents such as slips and trips also increase over the winter period as NHS A&E departments experience huge increases in patients.

Proper preparation can help businesses to minimise the cost of winter and protect the safety of their staff.  You can take measures to make sure that staff can work from home to minimise the losses caused by absenteeism, or try to arrange cover for those affected by the weather.  Stock up on salt, shovels and other snow clearing products and implement a winter maintenance plan that pays attention to vehicle and pedestrian traffic routes.  This will help to keep access to and from your premises clear for deliveries and reduce the risks of accidents due to ice and snow.  Entrance matting and proper warning signs in and around your facility will also assist in ensuring staff safety and the cleanliness of your workplace.  A winter maintenance plan can also help you to comply with any relevant health and safety legislation, as your responsibilities in ensuring your employees safety may increase due to severe weather.  So belt up!