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Guide to Plastic Shelf & Tray Trolleys

The Complete Guide to Plastic Shelf & Tray Trolleys

Plastic shelf and tray trolleys are versatile helpers in a wide range of business environments. They are strong and lightweight at the same time, whilst the easy-clean surfaces make plastic trolleys suitable for environments with strict hygiene requirements.

Our plastic trolleys are ideal for use in warehouses, garages, workshops, factories and catering environments. The plastic shelves and trays make the trolleys durable and easy to clean as they will not rust, dent or chip. The aluminium uprights ensure that the trolley remains lightweight while giving it a rigid structure.

Plastic shelf trolleys are equipped with retention lips on three sides of all shelves to prevent items rolling off in transit.

Deep tray trolleys are ideal for additional security when transporting materials around the workplace, e.g. valuable materials or liquids.

The deep tray and shelf trolley with two trays and one shelf is also equipped with two buckets that attach to the top shelf – making this trolley ideal for janitorial, cleaning or maintenance use in healthcare or other environments including hospitals, care homes and clinics.

Trolleys with enclosed sides also provide additional protection for materials transported on the enclosed shelves.

Trolleys with lockable drawers provide storage space for valuable or sensitive documents or items, whilst a lockable cupboard is ideal for storing larger items securely and out of sight.

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