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Brief Guide to Hazardous Storage Equipment

If your business uses hazardous substances including flammables, agrochemicals, pesticides, acids, alkalis and other toxic materials, you have a duty to protect your employees, visitors and the environment from risks associated with these hazardous substances.

Applicable health and safety legislation includes The Control of Substances Hazardous to Health Regulations 2002 (CoSHH) and The Dangerous Substances and Explosive Atmospheres Regulations 2002 (DSEAR). For advice specifically for your industry, we recommend consulting relevant guidance and legislation from the Health and Safety Executive.

If you use or keep hazardous substances at your workplace, it is vital to store them securely and appropriately in a cupboard or cabinet specifically suited for the type of substance you are storing. A number of different hazardous storage cupboards are available to suit harmful, toxic, flammable or corrosive materials. By using the correct storage cabinet, you can ensure that your staff, site and facility are safe from danger, accidents and injuries.

As the variety of different storage cupboards available may leave you confused about which one is the right one for your business, so we have put together a short guide explaining the differences between various options.

General Purpose Hazardous Storage Cabinets

General Purpose Hazard Storage Cabinets

Available in yellow or grey, general purpose hazardous storage cabinets are suitable for storing hazardous substances that are corrosive, flammable or harmful. These cabinets can help you comply with CoSHH regulations as they all come with an integrated sump, ensuring that any spills are contained safely. Shelves are reversible to double as trays, further helping to contain any spillages. The cabinets can be locked, preventing unauthorised access to harmful substances. The range of heavy duty hazardous substance storage cabinets comes with all metal handles and locks to prevent melting in the case of a fire. Most cabinets come with a number of labels included.

Acid and Alkali Storage Cabinets

Acid and alkali storage cabinets

Acid and alkali storage cabinets feature a white powder coating which is impervious to most acids. The cabinets come complete with a warning label which confirms to BS5499/1 and EEC directive 92/58. These cabinets also come with an integrated sump and with reversible shelves, ensuring that spillages are effectively contained within the cabinet. The lockable doors prevent access by unauthorised persons.

Agrochemical and Pesticide Storage

Agrochemical and pesticide storage cabinets

Agrochemical and pesticide storage cabinets are powder coated red and come with a label confirming to BS5378 and EEC directive 92/58. For your safety, the doors are fitted with louvre vents, allowing poisonous and harmful vapours to escape and fresh air to circulate freely. The integrated sump and reversible shelves ensure any spills are contained safely, whilst the lockable doors keep contents secure inside.

Flammable Storage

Flammable Storage

Our range of storage cabinets for highly flammable liquids are equipped with several features to protect them from fire. The doors are fitted with vertical reinforcement panels to prevent distortion and a return flange around the doors and joints prevents the passage of flame. The security locks are all metal which makes them less vulnerable to melting in the case of a fire. Like other hazardous storage cabinets, flammable storage cabinets also come with a sump and reversible shelves which contain spillages. The cabinets are powder coated yellow and are supplied with appropriate labels to the BS5378 standard.

CoSHH Storage Cabinets

CoSHH storage cabinets

CoSHH storage cabinets are suitable for storing and transporting hazardous substances as demanded by the CoSHH regulations. These state that businesses must take precautionary measures when dealing with any substance that could pose a risk to health. The cabinets are equipped with spill retaining shelves and a sump. They can be locked securely to prevent unauthorised access. Floor chests and wall cupboards are also available.

Chemical Storage Vaults

Chemical Storage Vaults

Storage vaults are highly secure units designed for storing hazardous materials and chemicals. They can be used indoors and outdoors. They are designed to comply with the Flammable Liquid Storage Regulations (1972) as appropriate, the Factory Inspection Guide HSG51 and A.P.E.A. construction requirements. The vents are adjustable which makes the vaults suitable for both flammable materials, with the vents closed, and agrochemicals with the vents open. The units can be multi locked for extra security and they provide half an hour protection from collapse and the passage of flame. The liquid tight base ensures that any spillages are contained.

Safety Note

Before storing hazardous substances, herbicides, pesticides, highly concentrated acids or alkalis and flammables or petroleum based products, we recommend seeking the advice of the following for specific guidance:

  • Health and Safety Inspector
  • Trading Standards Officers
  • Environmental Health Officers
  • Fire Officers